Meeting the next generation of multifamily housing needs.  The United States is experiencing a fundamental change in housing consumption and demand. Demographic, social, and economic variables are changing the type of housing developed and desired.  With increasing construction and development costs, affordability continues to be an issue facing many households and communities throughout the nation.  Prairie Fire Development Group’s extensive real estate knowledge and understanding of housing economics bring insight to the multifamily market. Combine that portfolio of experience with a proven development and construction track record, and you have an award-winning group to manage and complete successful projects anywhere in the United States.

Prairie Fire is a vertically integrated, full service real estate development company focusing on affordable and market rate multifamily assets.  Vertical integration allows Prairie Fire to mitigate and manage risk throughout the lifecycle of a real estate project, from identification and conception, through development and ongoing asset management.  Our team has a diverse background ranging from urban planning, architecture, accounting, market analysis/appraisals, construction and even active duty in the United States Navy. Our vertical approach and experienced team has contributed to Prairie Fire’s rapid growth, creating a $50 million development company in just four years.  And we are just getting started.


“Graze with the sheep or hunt with the wolf.”  Prairie Fire’s approach is simple – avoid herd mentality and focus on inelasticity of demand. Inelasticity of demand in the multifamily market ensures long term asset viability despite changing economic cycles. Through in-house analytics that include geographic information systems, proprietary financial models and statistical analysis, we can identify opportunities that others might miss. Finally, controlling the development process through vertical integration allows our team to identify and mitigate risk to ensure a successful project.

Prairie Fire is in for the long game – our goal is to develop and manage a sustainable portfolio that will generate attractive social, economic and financial returns for our stakeholders and investors. As a result, we ensure that we calculate every risk before investing in a project. Once the project is syndicated, Prairie Fire allocates all resources necessary to ensure project success.


“Plan, develop and manage viable real estate assets based on achievable and sustainable market demand while maximizing social, economic and financial returns to stakeholders.”




  • Affordable and moderately priced housing
  • Urban infill, secondary/tertiary markets and rural cities
  • New construction, adaptive reuse, historic structures and acquisition/rehabilitation
  • Acquisition of general partnership interests
  • Millennial, senior and family housing depending on local market conditions
  • Long term holder of assets


  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Geographic Information Systems Modeling
  • Financial Modeling and Project Financing Strategy
  • Economic Development Incentives
  • Owner’s Representation
  • Construction Management
  • Asset/Portfolio Management

Prairie Fire to develop mixed-income workforce housing in Ottawa, Kansas using Housing Tax Credits, Housing Trust Fund and Moderate Income Housing Funds!

Prairie Fire Residences in Newton, Kansas is now leasing!  Contact manager.prairiefire@rentourspace.com for more information!



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