The orange and red shades in the map illustrates that a record number of households are now paying more than 40% of their income toward housing.  In some markets this is well over 50%!  Providing affordable housing in your community isn’t just the right thing to do for the obvious reasons, but what might not be obvious is the economic and fiscal impact it has on the local economy.  The less a resident spends on their housing needs, the more disposable income they have to spend on goods and services in the local economy.  Affordable rent and mortgage payments can significantly increase the residual income that households have at their disposal after meeting necessary housing costs – by $500 or more per month in some cases. Research shows that low- and moderate-income households are more likely than others to spend this money on basic household needs such as food, clothing, healthcare, and transportation. Local businesses stand to gain from the increased buying power made possible by the availability of affordable housing.


Prairie Fire recently selected by Iowa Finance Agency to build two workforce housing projects in Iowa - Harlan and Red Oak.

Prairie Fire to develop mixed-income workforce housing in Ottawa, Kansas using Housing Tax Credits, Housing Trust Fund and Moderate Income Housing Funds!

Prairie Fire Residences in Newton, Kansas is now leasing!  Contact for more information!



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