Prairie Fire’s investment practice, Prairie Fire Investments, builds on 25+ years of real estate investment and development success.  Our development strategies combine a disciplined investment approach with innovative financing solutions to produce superior, risk-adjusted returns.  As a vertically integrated development company with a successful track-record and proven model, we are dedicated to creating value for our investors through knowledge, experience, strategic selection, professional planning, and detailed execution.


The following principles guide Prairie Fire Investments:  risk mitigation, capital preservation, a focus on stable cash flows, and long-term value.  We seek to acquire and develop well-located, fundamentally sound assets in major urban and rural markets across the Midwestern United States.  We create value through hands-on asset management and tailored capital improvement programs that reduce operating costs while enhancing the experience of our tenants.  Throughout the investment cycle, we leverage the full resources of the Prairie Fire Companies (Investment, Development, Construction, and Management Groups), as well as the expertise of our leadership team, with 80+ years of combined experience in the real estate industry. 

Prairie Fire Investments differentiates itself from its competitors by the following factors:

  • Vertically integrated company with an experienced team that mitigates risk throughout all stages of the investment process.
  • Significant industry experience across many disciplines including construction, architecture, accounting, finance/valuation, market analysis, economic development, and urban planning. 
  • In-house, proprietary financial modeling and analysis.
  • Internal market analysis that includes utilization of Geographic Information Systems, absorption/capture rate modeling, capitalization rate analysis, and competitive research.
  • Maximize economic and development incentives as well as alternative financing sources to underwrite the best possible development financing.


Prairie Fire Investments currently provides investment opportunities for accredited investors in the arena of multifamily housing, senior housing, and boutique office space.  Investment offerings include both JV equity and/or preferred returns in the following areas:

  1. Project-specific investments
  2. Portfolio investments
  3. Blind pool investments

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Kelley Hrabe, TCS NPCC M.Up.
Prairie Fire Investments

Jon Walker
Director of Acquisitions and Asset Management
Prairie Fire Investments


Prairie Fire to develop mixed-income workforce housing in Ottawa, Kansas using Housing Tax Credits, Housing Trust Fund and Moderate Income Housing Funds!

Prairie Fire Residences in Newton, Kansas is now leasing!  Contact for more information!



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